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Quick Details

Tube Includes life jacket.
Duckie Includes 2 life jackets and 2 paddles.
SUP - Large Includes life jacket and paddle.
SUP - Small Includes life jacket and paddle.
Raft - Full Day Includes 8 life jackets & 8 paddles.
Raft - 24 Hours Includes 8 life jackets & 8 paddles.

A truly tranquil experience.

Floating down the Colorado River, in the warm summer air soaking in the vitamin D. Whether you are watching bald eagles soar, trying to knock your friends off their tubes, or jumping in the river as much as you can, the river tube rental is the ultimate activity to just relax and be a kid (yes, even for you adults!). It is time to let loose, get away from the I-70 corridor and escape into complete river relaxation. (This is a self guided activity- your rental should be based on your own abilities)


Park at Sage Outdoors (Dotsero) & Reserve a Shuttle

Shuttle Rates

Lyons Gulch- $10/ Person per Shuttle
Cottonwood- $15/ Person per Shuttle
Horse Creek-$20/ Person per Shuttle

Know your adventure level…

(Defined as follows by the American Whitewater safety code)

Class II Rapids: Novice
– Straightforward rapids with wide, clear channels which are evident without scouting. Occasional maneuvering may be required, but rocks and medium-sized waves are easily missed by trained paddlers. Swimmers are seldom injured and group assistance, while helpful, is seldom needed. Rapids that are at the upper end of this difficulty range are designated “Class II+”.

  • There are class 2 rapids between Horse Creek and Dotsero(11 miles upriver from Dotsero). Colorado River Express shuttle does offer drops at locations in this class 2 section of water, including Lyons Gulch, Cottonwood Island, and Horse Creek. Colorado river Express does not drop rental participants any higher upriver than Horse Creek.

Class III: Intermediate

  • Rapids with moderate, irregular waves which may be difficult to avoid and which can swamp an open canoe. Complex maneuvers in fast current and good boat control in tight passages or around ledges are often required; large waves or strainers may be present but are easily avoided. Strong eddies and powerful current effects can be found, particularly on large-volume rivers. scouting is advisable for inexperienced parties. Injuries while swimming are rare; self-rescue is usually easy but group assistance may be required to avoid long swims. Rapids that are at the lower or upper end of this difficulty range are designated “Class III-” or “Class III+” respectively.
  • There are two class 3 rapids between Pinball access and Horse Creek. One is called Pinball rapid, the other is called Twin Bridges rapid. This section is accessed only by your personal vehicle. Sage does offer personal vehicle shuttles on this section.
  • PLEASE NOTE: River inflatables are not suitable for infants or toddlers. The river is not a lazy river, it is still a natural resource that has its inherent dangers. Participants renting equipment must be capable of navigating class 2 whitewater, and must understand the water is cold. Though unusual, there can be involuntary swims and separation from your craft.